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Compact. Accurate. Enterprise-Ready.

Limitations of Current Weapons Detection Systems 

False positives.

High false positives

pat downs


1-2 personnel per lane
expensive people screener used in airports

pat downs

1-2 security personnel per lane

Large & intrusive

Our Solution

Our patent pending sensor technology can see through fabric, luggage, paper, cardboard, plastic, ceramic, composite, and other non-conducting material.  Our solution detects concealed weapons such as guns, knives, and explosives, and contraband such as drugs, USB, cell phones, and electronic components. 

Distributed Concealed Weapons Detection

​Terahertz 3D Imaging System 

  • Compact imager can be deployed anywhere

  • Embedded AI Engine

  • Distributed intelligence

Centralized SaaS Application

  • Image visualization

  • Policy-based management

  • Video analytics.

  • Aggregate information from multiple imagers from multiple customers 

Secure REST APIs

  • Integration with security operations, video management, and RFID inventory solutions.

  • Integrated workflows

  • Develop custom dashboards

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