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  • What personal information is collected by the solution?
    The solution DOES NOT CAPTURE any personally identifiable information (PII). Any concealed object that is detected will be overlaid on a caricature or on a optical image of the person that is screened. In addition, depending on the security needs, customers can tailor the types of concealed objects to focus on, such as guns, knives, and explosives, while ignoring other types of objects, such as phones.
  • Who owns the captured data?
    The data collected will be owned by the customers, who also control the types of data captured during people screening. Only authorized users will be able to configure the functionality of the terahertz imagers deployed by the customer. Our imagers will only capture information about any concealed weapons or contraband and overlay them on a caricature or a surveillance camera image/video.
  • What is the solution offered by Cambridge Terahertz?
    Our first solution will be security screening and Concealed Weapons Detection (CWD) system for schools, hospitals, enterprise and government buildings, malls, retail stores, and other business locations.
  • What are the various products in the solution?
    Our solution brings TSA-level security to the enterprise by integrating three main components: Terahertz 3D imaging system with embedded AI Engine Centralized SaaS application, for policy-based system management and video analytics Secure REST APIs, for integration with 3rd party applications such as RFID inventory solutions, video management systems, and security operations management systems. Please see the Solutions page for additional information.
  • What is the Terahertz Imager product?
    The terahertz imager, CT3D-300, is a compact completely solid-state enterprise ready product that provides 3D radar images with the additional ability to “see through” materials such as clothing, luggage, cardboard, paper, plastic, ceramic, and composites. CT3D-300 provides airport-level security to enterprises . The terahertz imaging solution can be distributed at all vantage points to see the unseen, invisible, and hidden objects to proactively enhance physical security and integrate with overall security operations.
  • When will the terahertz imager be available?
    We are engaging with early adopter customers in 2H-2024 to thoroughly test the solution before general availability.
  • How is the terahertz imaging solution different than metal detectors?
    Metal detectors detect magnetic field changes created by any ferrous material. These solutions notify when such events occur. However, metal detectors cannot precisely detect the shape or the location of the object. Hence, the false positive rates are high with these solutions. In addition, most metal detectors fail to detect non-metallic weapons or contraband. In contrast, CTHz solutions precisely provide the shape and location of the concealed (or visible) objects, thus minimizing the false positives and increasing the overall efficiency and accuracy of the security screening.
  • What is the distance/range for the imaging solution?
    The solution is optimized for a range of up to 4 meters (about 13 feet).
  • Does the solution detect non-metallic weapons and contraband?
    Yes. Terahertz imaging, unlike metal detectors, is radar like and does not depend on changes in magnetic field to detect objects. The technology can see through fabric, luggage, paper, cardboard, plastic, ceramic, and composite materials, while being reflected by metallic objects. We can precisely draw the shape of the various objects and precisely identify their location.
  • How is AI used in the solution?
    Our edge AI interprets the information generated by the terahertz imager and generates 2D or 3D images that can be visualized by humans. These synthetic images can easily be integrated into overall security operations, similar to surveillance images/videos.
  • Can the terahertz imager be battery-operated?
    Our first solution is not battery operated. Given the low power consumption of our solution, the product will be enhanced in the future to be battery operated.
  • What frequency is used for imaging?
    CTHz solution uses mm wave imaging at 300 GHz.
  • Is the radiation safe on humans?
    Terahertz radiation, unlike x-ray, is non-ionizing and does not have any harmful effects. In addition, the solution uses radiation power intensity far lower than that in cell phones.
  • Is the product certified for home use?
    No. Initially, the product will be certified for use in commercial and office settings.
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